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Industry Champion Shortlisted As Female Trailblazer At Modern Law Awards

Fidelis Legal Services is excited to announce that Chief Legal Officer, Helen Claydon, has been shortlisted as Female Trailblazer of the Year at this year’s Modern Law Awards. This award recognises those who have taken the lead in making the industry available to a more diverse community. This includes actively advocating for others, mentoring and fostering aspiring professionals, innovation in practice, and demonstrating inspiring leadership.

Helen Claydon Shortlisted as Female Trailblazer of the Year

Helen, who was voted ‘Industry Champion’ by her peers at the British Wills & Probate Awards last year, has been selected by the judges as an ideal candidate for the title of Female Trailblazer. She takes a special interest in mentoring young female legal professionals, assisting their growth through the industry. She also works closely with a diverse, minority workforce in her role as director at Northwood Banks & Co, a sister company of Fidelis Legal Services. Her work with the Law Commission and with HMRC on the Trust Registration Scheme has seen her become an inspiration to many.

“When I started my journey in the legal profession, I was a single parent juggling work with family.” said Helen, “I believe this helped shape my desire to make the industry as open as possible. The services on offer should be available and accessible to everyone, and the sector will continue to benefit from having as diverse a workforce as possible.”

Helen’s drive in this area has seen two young women achieve deserved promotions over the past year, sponsorship and support for four up and coming professionals, a dedicated apprenticeship programme, and a unique offering to students of law at Lincoln University. Everyone at Fidelis Legal Services, and across the HAIG Legal Group, wish her the very best luck at the awards night in March.



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