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Simpler Law - Document Checking Service

Document Checking.

Simpler Law Document Checking.

Professional Document Checking Service for your 'Peace of Mind'

We strongly recommend that once signed and witnessed you get all your documents checked to ensure they have been completed correctly.


Simpler Law is delighted to offer a document validation service giving clients peace of mind that documents are completed correctly and prior to submission. We offer two options of our free validation service.

Simpler Law - Professional Document Checking Service

Document Checking Options.

Simpler Law - Digital or Physical Document Checking

We strongly recommend you get all of your documents checked to ensure they have been signed correctly.

Digital Document Checking Service.

Please photograph or scan your documents making sure that they are clear to read and send them to us via the email link below.


  • Please send scans or high-quality photos in JPG or PNG format.

  • If using a smartphone, please ‘Keep original size’ when sharing.

  • We only need scans or photos of the signed pages.

  • We recommend a maximum total size of 8Gb per e-mail, please send multiple emails if the files size exceed this.

  • If you send files as links from OneDrive or iCloud we will not be able to open them.


Alternatively, you can use our ‘Physical Document Checking Service’ if you would prefer to post them to us.*

Physical Document Checking Service.

If you would like us to check your physical documents, we can do this for you free of charge. However, we will make a charge to return them via secure post.  The charge for this is £6.25. Send a cheque along with your documents (made payable to Simpler Law) or Get In Touch to pay this fee by Debit/Credit Card. Documents should be posted to:

Validation Service
Simpler Law
Fidelis House
4-5 Low Moor Road
Lincoln, LN6 3JY

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