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Simpler Law - Wills and Will Writing

Simpler Wills.

Introducing Simpler Wills.

A Will is not for you, it is for your family.

A Will is not for you, it is for your family. It will let them know what you want to happen and not only to your estate. You can leave instructions for the care of your children or for your funeral arrangements for example.  It is an incredibly loving gesture and help can prevent family rifts and arguments at a distressing time.


More than 60% of adults in the UK still do not have a Will. Are you one of them? If you haven't already made a Will, then you should read this. Because without a Will you will die intestate, which can mean that your estate is processed using a set of laws where the government decides how things are distributed.  This can not only effect property and financial matters but these laws often overlook important aspects such as unmarried and/or separated couples, civil partnerships, and who might take care of and raise children.    

Simpler Law - Simpler Wills

Why Make a Will?

Simpler Law - Why Make A Will?

Writing a will gives you the final say on what happens after you pass on, not the Government.

  • You choose your own Executors

  • You choose what ages your children and / or grandchildren will inherit

  • You record who you want to be Guardians of your children

  • You decide who inherits from your estate, not the Rules of Intestacy*

  • You can record who does not inherit from your estate

  • You can leave specific gifts, legacies, and charitable donations

  • You can specify your funeral wishes

  • You can document your preferences regarding Organ Donation

Making a Will Statistics.

54% of adults in the United Kingdom do not have a Will in place whatsoever.
59% of parents either don’t have a Will, or have a Will in place, which is out of date.
More than 50% of Wills are made by the 50 to 70 years age group. The average age to make a Will is 58.
Women are more likely to make a Will than their male counterparts (51.74%).

The Rules of Intestacy. 

Understanding what is often known as a Government Will

Simpler Law - The Rules of Intestacy

Meet Mr & Mrs Taylor, and their children Olivia and Jack. We've used the Taylor family in a simple infographic to help explain The Rules of Intestacy, and how (without a Will in place) your valuable assets can be distributed by the Government, not necessarily how you intended. 

Get a Will to Suit You and Your Family. 

How will Simpler Law make sure you get the right Will?
  • Provide guidance to help you prepare for your consultation

  • Arrange a convenient time and date for your consultation

  • Navigate you through the Will Instruction, the information required to make your Will

  • Only draft your documents when you are happy with your instruction, without rushing you

  • Ensure all documentation has been through to our Compliance Team for checking

  • Post your documents to you with clear Signing Guides and instructions on what to do next

  • Contact you to ensure safe receipt and answer any questions you may have

Simpler Law - Helping You to Get the Right Will

Choosing Executors for Your Will.

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