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Simpler Law - Guides to Signing Legal Documents

Signing Guides.

Getting Your Will and Lasting Power of Attorney correct.

It is vital when completing your important documents such as a Will and/or Lasting Power of Attorney that they are signed and witnessed correctly. Simpler Law has put together both printed guides and a series of step-by-step instructional videos to help with this process. 

Please take extra care when signing and witnessing your Will. Doing so incorrectly may invalidate your document. When you have completed the required sections of your document. You can use our Document Checking service for your peace of mind.

Simpler Law - Signing Guides and Document Checking

Important Guidelines.

Simpler Law - Important Guidlines for Document Completion
Choosing Your 
Independent Witnesses
  • DO NOT use a relative or an attorney to be a witness

  • Your witnesses must be over 18 years old

  • Ensure your witnesses are of sound mind

  • With an LPA your Certificate Provider can also act as a witness for you and your attorneys

  • With an LPA your attorneys can witness each other’s signatures

Important things to consider when Signing your Documents
  • Sign your documents with your witnesses present.

  • Date documents in the correct format with your witness present

  • Take extra care and sign your usual signature

  • Follow the instructions in the help video carefully

Important Notes
  • If your make an error DO NOT attempt to correct it, instead contact us and ask for advice

  • Please DO NOT attach anything to your documents. This could invalidate them.

Signing Guide Videos.

Signing Your Last Will and Testament

LENGTH    4:11



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Signing Your Lasting Power of Attorney Property & Affairs

LENGTH    6:11



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Signing Your Lasting Power of Attorney Health & Welfare

LENGTH    7:08



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