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Simpler Law - Simpler Conveyancing

Simpler Conveyancing.

Introducing Simpler Conveyancing.

Simpler Law is able to help with the legal process of property transfer, for Estate Planning purposes

It can sometimes be beneficial to change the legal or equitable ownership of a property for estate planning purposes. This process can also clarify the intended legal position in respect of a beneficial interest in the property. This is achieved by transferring the legal title of a property or producing a Declaration of Trust over the property to protect a beneficial interest.

Such a transfer is a legal process which results in a change of the legal ownership of a property. Although this mostly occurs where a property is sold, it could also be the result of the addition or removal of an owner, or it could be a transfer of property in or out of a trust.

Simpler Law - Conveyancing Legal Process

Simpler Conveyancing Services.

Simpler Law - Conveyancing Declaration of Trust
of Trust
Simpler Law - Conveyancing First Registration of Property
First Registration of Property
Simpler Law - Conveyancing Adding or Removing Home Owners
Addition/Removal of Owners
Simpler Law - Conveyancing Transfer of Property Ownership
Transfer of Ownership
Simpler Law - Conveyancing Safe Document Storage
Safe Storage of Contracts / Deeds
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