Now is the Right Time to Manage Your Affairs

Will Writers, Power of Attorney, Estate Planning

The times we are currently living in are testing for many reasons and many of us are finding that we have more time than ever before. This has been a time where many of us have reflected on the way in which we live our lives as well as seen the news stories of people people have been affect by the virus or have even sadly lost their lives. This continuous examination of how we, as a Country, are battling the virus, does prompt many of us to look at out own affairs. Perhaps you have decided that now is the ideal time to consider the management of your affairs.

With work, family and friends to consider we are often too busy to even think about our Will or Lasting Power of Attorney and so we put off thinking about it time after time and we don’t quite get around to it. With life occurring at a slightly slower pace at the moment this seems to be one of the only times of our lives we get the chance to stop what we are doing and really consider our affairs. It is a time to reflect and gain clarity of what really matters.

While many are still working from home, you might think that finding a provider to get your documents in place could be difficult. We are still working hard to meet the new demands of the current times. We are working within the government guidelines and we are still offering help and assistance if you want to take advantage of the downtime we are experiencing. This means you can still benefit from the professional guidance and support to help you make the right decisions now, all without leaving your home.

To take advantage you might want to consider:

Your Will

  • Is your Will in place or does it need to be updated?

  • If you do have a Will, do you have the right beneficiaries or executors in place or should you even consider a guardian if you have children under the age of 18?

  • Should you consider ways in which you can reduce inheritance tax when you pass away?

You might also want to think about making a Lasting Power of Attorney which means you will need to consider:

Lasting Power of Attorney

  • Do you have Lasting Power of Attorney for your property as well as your financial affairs and even your wellbeing? You might also want to consider appointing an attorney should ill health or a loss in mental capacity mean that you are no longer able to make your own decisions.

  • If you do have a Lasting Power of Attorney in place, are they still the right people who you want to act on your behalf. Do you also have any additional instructions that you would like them to follow?

There is no denying that the times we are living in are extremely challenging for all but now, more than ever, you might want to consider getting your affairs in order. Please contact us to discuss your requirements and to see how easy it is to get the right protection in place.