Do you want to help someone get a Will in place during Coronavirus Crisis?

These are undoubtedly strange times that we are facing and since the Pandemic took a hold of the UK, we have found that we have had to change the way in which we live in every possible way. It is frightening, worrying and as it currently stands, there is no real end in sight. However, life doesn’t stop and that means that there are still things that we need to think about. With all of us in lockdown or in self-isolation, more people are beginning to think about estate planning and putting their affairs in order. So, you might be asking yourself “How do I make a Will for my elderly parents or an elderly friend or neighbour?”. You might know of someone who needs a Will but they might not be able to find a reliable provider or have access to the internet to do their own research. You might have considered a DIY kit but know that this could actually leave them in a worse position that not having a Will at all. So what are your options in getting help with a professionally written Will? With the current situation it might not be possible to get an appointment with a solicitor as the person you are helping may be shielding, or the solicitor may not be able to offer appointments adhering to social distancing rules. You certainly cannot have people visiting your home to talk you through the process at the moment so is it possible to create and prepare documents for someone else without an appointment and without the need to leave the home? Although you can help with the search for a provider, the person who wishes to create a Will has to have testamentary capacity. The individual must be aware that they are working with their Last Will and Testament, understand the consequences of writing a Will on their estate and understand what assets they have. You may be keen to remain involved in the process however if you are going to be a beneficiary within the Will then you will need to ensure that the person making a Will is spoken to separately so that the Will provider can be confident they are acting without any influence. This is particularly true if others believe they are going to be a beneficiary but are actually going to be disinherited. Changing the way we do things is a common theme at the moment. Finding a provider who can offer a secure and ‘socially distanced’ way to get a Will is important, as having a valid Will in place should not be delayed.