Will Signing Guide

Please take extra care when signing & witnessing your Will. Doing so incorrectly may invalidate your document. When you have completed the required sections of your document. You can use our Document check service.

Choosing Your Independent Witnesses.

• DO NOT use a relative or an attorney to be your witness.
• Your witness must be over 18 years old.
• Your Certificate Provider can also act as a witness for you and your attorneys.
• Your attorneys can witness each other’s signatures.
• Ensure your witness is of sound mind.

Important things to consider when signing your LPA H&W document.

• Sign your LPA H&W document with your witness present.
• Date your LPA H&W document in the correct format with your witness present.
• Take extra care and sign your usual signature.
• Follow the instructions In the help video carefully.

Final things to consider:

If your make an error DO NOT attempt to correct it, instead complete our amendment request form (There may be a charge associated.)

Please DO NOT attach anything to your documents. This could could invalidate them.