Proudly announcing the launch of our new Ancestry Estate Pack. This ultimate pack allows you to keep all of your most valuable documents together, to allow your family to locate them easily once you have gone.

What's in the Pack?


Lockable briefcase

This sturdy lockable case comes with a combination lock and is clearly emblazoned with our logo for easy identification. The strong construction, made with durable materials, will comfortably store your most important documents safely.

‘What My Family Should Know’ Book​

We are specialists in probate and we have many years’ experience of dealing with estate administration. Even with our know-how on how to find details of all our clients financial backgrounds, things can still be missing. For example, did you know that in the U.K. alone, there is more than 5 billion pounds in forgotten pension schemes (*), 850 million pounds in unclaimed British bank accounts (*) and 2 billion pounds in unclaimed life policies (*).

This book is designed so that you can inform your family of life assurance policies, bank accounts and pensions, along with other useful information which could prevent your family from potentially missing out on thousands of pounds. It also allows you to document your ‘digital life’ so that your family can gain access to media accounts and even electronic devices, which may otherwise be rendered useless if they haven’t got a valid password or personal identification number (PIN)

  • Source – Pension Tracing Service

  • Source – Money Advice Service

  • Source – Unclaimed Assets UK

Notebook and Pen​

This attractive A5 notebook and pen also allows you to write any further notes or memories that you may want to pass on. This stylish notebook with a hardback cover and lined paper is the perfect place to keep anything further that you may wish your family to know.


My Ancestry Pack is competitively priced at £89.00 including postage and packaging via secure courier.

My Ancestry Pack is competitively priced at £89.00 including postage and packaging via secure courier.